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South Bay, Los Angeles, California

Map of the South Bay

The varied coastal cities along the Pacific Ocean, known as South Bay, include a diverse range of businesses and industries, and are a desired place to live in California. Things can happen while your minding your own business, that can make people twinge. When you are hurt from negligence, you need someone at your side who can use all lawful means at their disposal to get you paid back or indemnified and use jural means if required. Ehline Law Firm PC has offices central to the South Bay, where lead counsel, attorney Michael Ehline, lives. If you were seriously injured in a South Bay City, hopefully, you will enjoy this educational information for California consumers.

The Geography

Cities in this area, include North and South Redondo Beach, Torrance, Rancho Palos Verdes, Hermosa and Manhattan Beach. Southern California’s South Bay has seen a population increase over the last decade or more, because, it is a good place to raise a family with a rich history of happy times, as well as misfortunate events leading to great mental damage as well as harm to your flesh and bone (“physical loss”.) Stories like people falling into the ocean off of the pier and disappearing, joggers getting killed on PCH, etc., are not at all uncommon. Once that occurs, it helps to locate a genius attorney who lives in the area, and has an interest in keeping it safe. Attorney Michael Ehline rears his kids, and resides in this precious locale. He stands at the ready for your call when you need to sue the government, or private individuals who caused you personal harm.

Mecca For Families and Injuries

It truly is a single family Mecca for people who want a good school district, and ocean breezes. Due to the increase in population one of the results is an increase in auto and commercial truck traffic on the highways and misuse of residential roads. Of course, with kids come increased chances of getting run over in the street, since young men in particular, coupled with older bikers on the road, for example trying to get there quicker, can result in some serious injuries on PCH.

The crowded highways and residential streets have resulted in a large number of passenger and commercial vehicle accidents and with them, severe personal injuries to pedestrians as well. These incidents and collisions can be caused by negligent drivers and typically include major swelling, cuts, scrapes, bruises, lacerations, friction burns, blindness, brain damage from and MTBI, or even a tendon that is stretched or hyper- extended. After a South Bay Automobile accident in which you or a loved one has been injured, having the advantage of the most experienced, accredited, top notch legal representation possible can be found at Ehline Law Firm PC.

Other Common Claims for Negligence in the South Bay

And don’t forget that these accidents can also include dog chomps that leave tooth marks and lacerations, bicycle injuries, swimming pool drowning and other injuries. Sometimes a defendant may live or work somewhere else, and need to be sued there. That’s ok. We are a statewide law firm for all types of injuries.

Why Contact us to Fight to Win Your South Bay Claims?

There are South Bay legal advocates, who to many the injured victim’s disappointment, infrequently take a serious, catastrophic impairment claims, or rarely take cases to trial or even file them. Many of them favor a fast and easy disposition/settlement, with the defendant’s liability insurance company, which will save them time and money. But due to their hot potato treatment of the case file, they often fail to prepare the case as if it was gong to be tried, and they fail to do the things necessary to maximize the overall value o the injury claim. The client who has been seriously injured, receives a small settlement that might allow them to pay their current medical bills and other expenses, but not always remunerate their future medical or rehabilitation costs.

These other lawyers who will settle these cases fast and at a low cost, are rumored to be kept on a list by the insurance companies. Ehline Law Firm PC is not one of those kept on these “cheap settlement lists”, and when the insurance companies are contacted they had better propose a much higher settlement, or the legal Marines come out from their barracks and into the fight. If you need legal help, we may be able to help you.

How Insurance Companies Think

The insurance companies’ reasoning is that they do not want to face licensed, aggressive trial attorneys in court, and risk the bad faith of not offering a reasonable pay out. The sooner we are able to evaluate your potential case and determine the amount of compensation we can win for you, the sooner you can recover. Contact an experienced advocate for your affront now. Get a free consultation. 888.400.9721.

After an Injury in South Bay You Need Aggressive Representation

Retaining Ehline Law means having the best possible guardian and protector after a misery creating happenstance, such as a fatality in the South Bay. The experience and dedication of the firm in dealing with an outrage that has you down and out, allows us to guide the client through the entire process for your type of injury with the use of experts.

As an example for a mishap victim, the representation would include experts that can present their findings after investigating the evidence arising out the undesirable event, to the insurance company, to the judge and jury if the case goes to trial. Even if visual presentations like videos or slide shows can help to win your injury case our legitimate, licensed firm, will, if necessary, prepare and present them to the insurance company or in court. These are reasons to contact our attorneys now for a free consultation, because not every legal firm will go the distance for their client who suffered this type of phenomenon.

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